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 VIP Intensive Coaching Program for Just Five Members Per Year!
Get a World-Class Marketing and Publicity Strategist in Your Corner

Is your business stalled at a crossroads?  Or are you simply eager to zoom ahead with as much energy and direction as possible?  In either case, I invite you to consider the Marketing for More VIP program.  It gives you closer, more consistent access to my marketing advice than any other service or program I offer.  The result:  You get to your business destination faster, with less wasted effort and with greater satisfaction. (Read about me, Marcia Yudkin.)

“Due in part to your shrewd publicity advice, HipSaver has grown from a $100K company to well over a million. Thanks for your help!" - Edward L. Goodwin, President, HipSaver Company, Canton, MA

Day-long private coaching sessions in person three times a year and in-depth telephone one-on-ones in between them enable us to identify precisely where you wish to go, which obstacles you need to clear away, tactics that shorten the journey and the support you need to stay on track.

The VIP program of Marketing for More gets you face to face with me regularly so that you make fast, focused progress.  We talk through where you've been, your current situation, how you prefer to work, blocks and market opportunities.  Together we brainstorm, and I share fresh ideas and what's worked for others.  You gain insights at both the big-picture and nitty-gritty levels, and you always end the day having a concrete, doable plan.

Any month we don't meet in person, we have in intensive progress session on the phone, where you can get solutions and resources for problems or concerns that have cropped up.  Month to month, you're accountable for to-do's you agreed to work on, and we constantly adjust your plan as necessary.

In addition, you receive every benefit Marketing for More Elite members receive, particularly unlimited prompt, on-demand feedback and answers to your questions in the members-only forum.  This gives you an on-call marketing whiz all year for a fraction of the cost of having one on staff.  You'll save big, because for the most part, intelligent staff members, technicians or outsourced helpers will be able to implement the ideas we come up with.

What might we do in our day-long consultations?
  • Analyze what's working for your business and figure out ways to use your key motivators and attractors even more
  • Work through and resolve branding or credibility issues, rethink pricing, prioritize possible new products or events, figure out restructuring for your product, service or web site, etc.
  • Brainstorm and create focused strategies for publicity, lead generation, sales and customer retention
  • Talk about and work toward your lifestyle goals, like taking more vacations, getting your business ready for sale or being able to finish working every day at 3 p.m. 
  • Discuss personal and circumstantial obstacles, then create workarounds or arrange support to get you through the blocks
  • Identify tasks/strategies you should stop doing or outsource
  • Look over what you did since we last met and tweak it
  • Roll up our sleeves on whatever else you need to accomplish to build you a more satisfying, more lucrative business

And remember, we stay in touch between coaching days.  

Logistics and Fees

The VIP program, with its three day-long face-to-face coaching sessions and monthly telephone sessions each of the other nine months, costs $13,940 a year.  The payments run $1,995 for each of the first two months and $995 every month after that.  In addition, you cover your travel expenses and/or mine for our in-person meetings.  

Remember that every penny you invest in your VIP membership, including the travel costs, is tax-deductible under U.S. law as a legitimate business expense.  Besides, when you put all my great advice into practice, you get that investment back many times over.

"Every time I talk to Marcia Yudkin, I make more money. Her insights and ideas are both practical and creative. And she's not afraid to hold my feet to the fire to challenge my own perceptions of my business. Whether you've been in business one year or twenty, Marcia provides great value and quantifiable results." - Caroline Jordan, Owner, The Jordan Result

Our three in-person coaching meetings can take place just about any place you like in North America, such as:

  • At your office, where you can easily show me things you're selling, pull stuff from the file cabinets, have me meet staff members and partners.  There's one vital ground rule if we meet on your premises: no interruptions.  You must agree that except during the lunch break, you don't check email or text messages, accept phone calls or allow anyone to barge in with a question.  

  • Near me, in scenic Western Massachusetts.  Our closest airport is Bradley Airport in Hartford/Springfield.  You can stay at the historic Hotel Northampton or at one of the hospitable country inns we have in abundance, where I'll have arranged for a quiet meeting room where we can brainstorm and plan in private.

  • In any major city - San Francisco, Vancouver, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, etc.  We can meet halfway, in your favorite part of the country, someplace you've never been but always wanted to go... and if you prefer, in a different location for each of our three annual meetings.  You decide.

  • At a resort.  Need pampering?  We can meet at a spa.  Want to batch our meeting with a vacation?  Then let's get together in ski country, at an off-the-grid fishing lodge or on a tropical beach.  (Just not a cruise ship, please!)  Bring your family or significant other, as long as you and I can have our day-long coaching session without interruptions.   

Of course, coaching places and dates would be arranged by mutual agreement.  And if you have another idea than those above, just ask.

"Marcia, you've given me the confidence to take on projects I would not dare to without your backing. I feel my business is at least two years ahead of what I could have done on my own." - Claudia Gere, President, Claudia Gere & Co. LLC

Your Questions and My Answers

Who can sign up?  The program works best for those who are experienced in business and who want to shift direction, launch a new initiative, expand or simply turbo-charge their results.  The same holds for those in a professional practice.  You needn't be the business owner.  As long as you have the power to implement publicity and marketing measures, the Marketing for More VIP program can work for you.  If you're embarking on or in the early days of your first business venture, please consider the Marketing for More Basic membership instead. 

What's the refund policy?  Any time through the end of your first month of membership, simply tell me you changed your mind about the program, and I'll return your first month's membership fee in full.  After that, whatever you've already paid is non-refundable, but you still always retain the option to quit the program, in which case you'd owe nothing further. 

Can the program be put on hold and then reactivated later?  No, because it's not possible to let someone else in to take your place for a couple of months or for an indefinite period of time until you decide to complete the year.  Just as when you belong to a gym, your Marketing for More VIP membership gives you privileges, services and access whether you use them fully or not.  I expect you'll find that early in the year you'll already feel you've gotten more than your money's worth!

"Marcia Yudkin's advice helped us immediately create more than $28,000 in new products, with virtually no new work! She really is a genius at helping people find their best marketing path, building the proper tools, and making success happen!" - Hakim Chishti, Chairman & CEO, IMC Digital Universe, LLC

Can a membership be shared?  If you have a partner in your business, you can sign up jointly, attend the coaching sessions together and both participate in Marketing for More in reference to the same business.  It's easier if one person serves as the point of contact for scheduling and logistics.  If you're asking about two or more people in separate businesses, then no - each would need his or her own membership.

Please say again what's included?  The $13,940 annual fee gives you the following, including all the benefits and privileges of Marketing for More Elite membership:

  • Three all-day consulting sessions during the year at the locations you choose (worth $3,995 each now and priceless later when the VIP program fills and I'll probably stop doing Makeover Days for anyone else)

  • A one-hour telephone coaching session each calendar month we do not have an in-person meeting scheduled (at my usual rate of $350/hour, that's a value of $3,150 for nine sessions) 

  • Unlimited answers and support all year on the Marketing for More members-only discussion board (this and all the rest of the items in the list are benefits of Elite membership, worth $990 a year)

  • Up to three topical Feedback Feasts a year that provide creative ideas and resources for your business

  • Listening in on and receiving CDs or MP3 recordings of as many other Feedback Feasts during your membership as you like

  • Access to members-only articles, Marcia's blog and a free copy of any new downloadable product Marcia releases during the year

  • 20% off previously released downloadable reports and CDs

  • Online press release distribution at just $99 each time 

  • A traffic boost from your photo and business profile included in the Marketing for More Member Gallery

  • Copywriting from Marcia, if you need it, at the discounted rate of $150 an hour

The program fee does not include travel expenses (flights, taxis, car mileage, tolls, parking, meals).  You'll cover both your travel expenses and mine for our three in-person consultations.  I'm not fussy and do not need to fly first class or stay at a five-star hotel.  Note also that everything you and I talk about during coaching sessions is completely confidential.

Want a significant discount?  Then pay $1,995 for the first month and just $9,995 at the start of the second month, for a total of $11,990 for the year-long program - a savings of $1,950.  

"Marcia, with your recommendations, my web site quickly became profitable and grew into a $100,000+ per year business. To top it off, I decided to sell the site and had a buyer in one day.  I seriously owe you a heartfelt thank you." - Keith Baxter, Spring, TX

How long in advance should coaching meetings be scheduled?  At least a month in advance usually works best from the point of view of both scheduling and travel arrangements.  Please expect to keep the dates we've set except for weather emergencies or a family illness.

Any cool bonuses?  Just that if you're keen to continue for a second year, you'll pay the same fee as this year, even though I'll undoubtedly have raised the price by then for new VIP members.

Now how to join...?  If you and I have previously worked together, then you can go ahead and reserve one of the five spots available in this program by paying the first month's installment of $1,995.  If we don't yet know each other, email me so we can set up a time to talk to make sure it's a good fit.

Join the Marketing for More VIP program. 

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