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 Do Feedback Feasts Work?  Read and Decide!

Susan Daffron, author of a book called Happy Hound: Develop a Great Relationship With Your Adopted Dog or Puppy, wanted ideas on how to pitch her book without using dire warnings like, for example, if you don't have the book, your dog will bite your children, bark so the neighbors hate you, and be a horrible creature to live with.  "It's harder to push preventive tactics," Susan said. 

Take a look at the "before" version of her home page for the book.

During the Feedback Feast phone session, we discussed seven specific types of changes Susan could make to her home page to better convey the essence of the book, connect with readers and have a smoother presentation, while avoiding the scare tactics she was concerned about.

Fired up by the call, Susan immediately went to work on revising the page, adding several missing ingredients noted on the call and changing the headline and the flow of copy.  Responses from Marketing for More members on the discussion board helped her further refine her revision.

Look now at the "after" version of her home page.

Susan Daffron

"My Feedback Feast was incredibly helpful," says Susan Daffron, "because it took a lot of abstract concepts like bullet techniques and applied it to my product. I'm very close to the book, so it's difficult for me to remain objective. Often when I read about copywriting, I can't make the mental jump from examples to my product. With the call, I had a plan."

"I was a little concerned I'd find the session upsetting somehow, but it was really a lot of fun!" Susan adds.

A listener on the call, Jean Moroney of Thinking Directions, said afterwards, "I wasn't sure how helpful Susan's Feedback Feast would be to me, personally. But I took copious notes and two days later, I sat down and was amazed to find I could translate each piece of Marcia's advice into concrete, specific marketing copy to use for my own product. Now I just have to stitch it all together into a coherent presentation."

Jean added, "This fall I concluded I have been working by myself too much and need more stimulation from other people. Marketing for More is definitely doing that for me."

Another thing that transpired from the Feedback Feast: Several Marketing for More members became intrigued by Susan's mention of the Idea Weaver software, created by Susan and her husband, that had helped her organize the Happy Hound book, and they downloaded the trial version of the software.  One member joined the Idea Weaver affiliate program.  This sort of cross-fertilization is a common occurrence in Marketing for More.

If you'd like the opportunity to have this kind of intensive, constructive feedback several times a year and to learn marketing through case study examples, become a Marketing for More member now!

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