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 Member Gallery

Some of our members are camera shy!  I'll be twisting their arms to get them to submit their photos and business profiles for this page.  Meanwhile, here are ten of our brave Elite members.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston
Syntax Training
Seattle, WA (206)782-8410
At Syntax Training, business writing workshops are our specialty. Since 1990, we have helped thousands of employees and managers write better at world-class companies in North America. In our courses, participants get tools, tips, strategies, job aids, and follow-up resources to help them write better - guaranteed.

Marisa D'Vari
New York, NY (212)823-6256
A former Hollywood entertainment executive, Marisa D'Vari developed a TV cable show in Boston featuring celebrity chefs and sommeliers, and wrote numerous articles and five non-fiction books. Now in New York, she is active as a writer and educator on wine and spirits, and publishes the online magazine 

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
Center for New Psychology
Philadelphia, PA (215)732-6197 offers an alternative to psychotherapy and drugs. Founded by a licensed psychologist with 30 years of experience, its empowerment tools are based on learning research, physics and results. Relax, enjoy your life and experience optimal flow as you reach peak performance and self actualization.

Joanne Masterson
Alexandria, VA (703)721-0336
Do you want to engage your audience better and convert more visitors into customers?  Joanne Masterson's BlueJProjects helps connect you with your market.  She especially enjoys working with musicians and horse-related business owners, developing video, audio, words and images for captivating websites that focus on what visitors need.

Gilda Bonanno
Gilda Bonanno LLC
Stamford, CT (203)979-5117 
Gilda Bonanno is a trainer, speaker and coach, specializing in communication and leadership skills, keynote speeches and presentation skills coaching. She designs and delivers high-energy, client-focused training programs and workshops that help companies and individuals break out of their comfort zones and become more successful than they thought possible.

Kathy Goughenour
Expert VA Training
Black, MO (573)269-4456
As a working Virtual Assistant (VA) and VA Trainer/ Coach, Kathy is in the perfect position to advise VAs how to get more clients and achieve their income goals. Let Kathy take you by the hand and personally show you step by step how to build your profitable VA business.

Janet Tilden
Executive Rewrites
Omaha, NE (402) 350-5967
Too busy to edit your own writing? Send Janet the first draft of your blog post, letter, or proposal and she'll transform it into an edited version that's clear, concise, and error-free. "Tracked" and "clean" documents will be returned via e-mail, usually the same day.

Alice Risemberg
Reiki Pulse
Brooklyn, NY (347)470-9355
Do you want natural healing support? Reiki practitioner and teacher Alice Risemberg of Reiki Pulse tailors hands-on healing sessions and Reiki instruction to your needs, helping you thrive. Whatever your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual challenges, Reiki can help you rebalance and realize your inner wisdom, strength, and healing potential.

Jean Moroney
Thinking Directions
New York, NY (212)972-9495
Jean Moroney, President of Thinking Directions, teaches managers and other professionals how to use targeted thinking to solve problems faster, make better decisions, and get projects finished. She has given her flagship course, Thinking Tactics, all over North America. Thousands of people have benefited from her methods.

Caroline Grimm
The Wizard of Cash Flow
Bridgton, ME (207)515-0365
Caroline Grimm is called the Wizard of Cash Flow for her ability to transform cash-strapped businesses. She is the author of Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster and Strength in Numbers and the creator of From Chaos to Control, a course that helps business owners move beyond crisis-mode money management.


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