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Frequently Asked Questions
About Marketing for More

What can I reasonably expect and not expect from Marketing for More?
You can expect to encounter stimulating possibilities for launching or growing your business, useful how-to information, helpful resources and thorough, prompt, respectful advice from head mentor Marcia Yudkin and other members.  On the other hand, please don't expect Marcia or anyone else to actually rewrite your web site or create a detailed marketing plan as a benefit of membership.  For one-on-one consulting or copywriting, you receive more than 40% off regular rates.  See complete details on Basic and Elite member plans.

"In leading Marketing for More, Marcia is most supportive, and she has a great knack for giving information, as well as keeping us open to new ideas. Most important is Marcia's ability to create a place for us to share, support, and invigorate one another. My concepts and thoughts have developed tremendously from Marketing for More.  Thanks!" - Lesley Peters, Owner, Qualified Communication Services, Inc., Tampa, FL

Will membership benefit me if I live and do business outside of North America?
Most definitely.  Consulting clients in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland and New Zealand have told Marcia repeatedly that her advice and ideas apply in Europe, Asia, Africa and elsewhere.  As a member from outside of North America, your insights might be especially valuable to other members and vice versa.  Please join us!

Am I eligible for membership and Feedback Feasts if I don't have my own business?
Yes.  We welcome anyone eager to learn more about business marketing and promotional strategies, whether you work for an organization, have a business or professional practice of your own or plan to launch a business soon.  On the other hand, if you're trying to get ahead in the corporate world and need help on resumes and promotion strategies, this is not the right milieu for you.

When will the Feedback Feasts take place?
For now, they're scheduled for Tuesdays 2-3 p.m. Eastern time and Thursdays, 5-6 p.m. Eastern time.  These times enable people in most time zones, from the Pacific to Europe, to participate.  As membership grows, additional days and times will be added - only on weekdays, however, and usually between noon and 7 p.m. Eastern time.  We'll be canvassing members so as to accommodate as many people's preferences as possible.

Do you need any special software or Internet connection to participate in the Feedback Feasts?
No.  In fact, you join these conference calls using only your telephone.  We highly recommend you call in using a land-line rather than a cell phone or Internet phone service (like Vonage or Skype) to ensure the highest possible phone quality not only for you but for others on the call.

Do you expect most of the other members to be at my level of success, or lower or higher?
Please take a look at the roster of Elite members to judge this for yourself.  Basic members may have less experience than Elite members, but not necessarily.  And what we've seen in the past is that sometimes the most insightful feedback comes from unexpected quarters, because of a member's life experience, intuition, on-the-job savvy or who they know.

Is there confidentiality in this program?  
Anything you share on the members-only discussion board is not open to public view and not indexable by search engines.  In addition, members are encouraged not to repeat anything they'd learned about another member to others outside the program.  For the Feedback Feasts, normally we do not dissect your business in detail but rather shower you with solutions.  In most cases, there's just a sketchy introduction of the business at hand and its challenge or goal, and then the suggestions begin to fly from all directions.   

If confidentiality nevertheless remains a serious concern, you are welcome to become one of our lurking members (Basic or Elite), who learn silently and anonymously while taking advantage of the discounted consulting fees for members, which features complete confidentiality. 

I've never used a discussion board before.  Is it difficult?
It may take you up to two minutes to get the hang of it.  Our team will be working hard to keep the whole site functioning well and as easy to use as possible.  If you're ever having trouble adding your comments to the discussion board, simply let us know and you'll get help.

"I like the culture of Marketing for More. It's no nonsense, yet friendly. People can show their vulnerability by posting their latest works for critique, and they get an extraordinary critique by people who go out of their way to help, all without condescension.  Seeing other people start with a simple idea, and suddenly they have a whole program put together in what often appears to me to be warp speed, is amazing! Reading everyone else's ideas and successes spurs me on." - Paula Diaco, Co-Owner, Sign*A*Rama, South Burlington, VT

Are certain topics OK and others out of bounds at Marketing for More?
It's best to put aside highly charged topics like religion and politics except insofar as these have to do with your target market or the content of your business or professional practice.  Please keep in mind that we have a diversity of members, and so long as we all remain focused on challenges, obstacles and solutions for growth, people with divergent views and lifestyles can learn well from one another.

What's the refund policy if I don't find the membership valuable?
If you join, give Marketing for More an honest try, and decide during your first month that it was not what you expected, then simply cancel your membership and receive back that initial month's fee or the whole annual fee, if that's how you joined.  If you paid the annual fee and wish to cancel during a later month, you receive a pro-rated refund. 

If I'm on automatic billing, will I have to jump through hoops to quit the program?
Nope!  Simply send us an email or give us a call before the end of a month saying that you won't be renewing.  If there is ever a mistake in billing, please let us know and we will straighten it out for you. Likewise, if you would like to switch from Basic membership to Elite or vice versa, just let us know and we'll make the needed adjustments. 

What forms of payment do you accept for people who prefer not to use a credit card?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for monthly or annual fees.  If paying the annual fee, you may also make arrangements to pay by check, money order, bank wire or Paypal:  Just ask.

If you don't have any more questions, why not join today?
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