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Master Marketing, One Problem-Solving Session at a Time

At your own pace, discover the missing link in applying marketing principles - and get inspired for implementation.

If you spend at least two hours a month driving, exercising, cooking or riding commuter trains, why not use that time to deepen your knowledge of attracting perfect clients and convincing them to buy?

In my coaching of solopreneurs and small business owners, what I've observed again and again is not primarily a lack of knowledge, but mental knots when it comes to putting ideas into action.  

You've read the books, heard the advice but get stuck understanding what it means for your own business or how to prioritize to-do's for your unique circumstances.  With my Marketing Mastery CD Club, you listen to a recorded coaching session each month on a particular theme, supplemented by a related expert interview.  (Here's my bio if you don't already know me.)

"I'm a regular book reader and a big fan of great authors such as Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill.  However, when it comes to the nuts and bolts of running a business, Marcia's 'Feedback Feasts' helped me the most.  Her approach is always down-to-earth.

"I used to think my business problems are unique.  Marcia's mentoring calls have given me the practical know-how to fix and improve every aspect of my business on a daily basis."

Lei Wang, Information Marketer, Sydney, Australia

It's food for thought in a highly digestible format.  Affordable, too - just $37 a month plus shipping for two provocative CDs each month.

What's in the Monthly Banquet

The monthly marketing theme unknots dilemmas like these:

  1. Fees: You suspect you should be charging more, but how do you actually get the gumption to do so?

  2. Productivity: How can you manage your time better if you never seem to get around to some important tasks?

  3. Referrals: What are some great ways to encourage clients to tell others about your services?

  4. Publicity: To create a constant stream of news releases, where and how can you get ideas?

  5. Seminars: How can you fill public seminar seats without tearing your hair out?

  6. Product development: For an information product with irresistible value for its target market, what are some don't-miss-this-one content ideas?

"I never even considered ways I could work with another business, to promote us both.  I didn't realize that the way I describe myself in a bio on a social website could make a difference in how people see my business.

"Since listening to the Feedback Feasts, I have more business-boosting tools at my fingertips than I ever thought existed.  Now I have more methods and more opportunities to extend my reach than before, because Marcia and other participants have pointed out what to say and what to do."

Joanne Masterson, Alexandria, VA

  1. Web sales: What should you change if folks are coming to your site but not buying? 

  2. Cloning yourself: How can you "clone" yourself and be able to serve more clients and make more money, while maintaining quality?

  3. Pricing: To successfully implement a high-priced program, what changes are necessary?

  4. Marketing plan: What are the steps involved in constructing a realistic five-month plan to reach a particular audience?

  5. Multiple audiences: Should you create separate market materials for two markets or can you address both simultaneously?

  6. Dealing with clients: How do you handle people who want your expertise without paying for it?

The recorded coaching sessions come from the Feedback Feasts in my Marketing for More mentoring program, but with the CD Club you don't need to save a particular time slot to listen in.   Make sure you have a little notebook and pen with you while you're playing back each coaching session, because it's certain to spark insights, ideas and do-able projects you can't wait to get started on. 

A more constructive, supportive version of the "hot seats" that take place at many marketing conferences, a Feedback Feast piles on helpful suggestions instead of brutalizing the one in the spotlight with criticisms or harsh diagnoses.

During a Feedback Feast, you hear me in dialogue with a business owner who generally has from three to 30 years of experience.  You also hear comments from other participants and questions about how to apply my ideas and insights to other situations.  Marketing for More members have thrived on this format - read a longer testimonial describing how - and I'm now sharing the sessions for the first time with others. 

See the "before" and "after" from one Feedback Feast along with comments from the Feastee and a listener.

But that's not all.  Along with the monthly coaching recording, you also receive a CD in which I interview an author or other noted expert on issues related to the theme of the month.  Interviewees you'll hear from include:

  • Million Dollar Consulting author Alan Weiss

  • Guerrilla Marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson

  • Endless Referrals author Bob Burg

  • Award-winning TV reporter Jeff Crilley

  • Speakers bureau owner Sandra Schrift

  • The Well-Fed Writer author Peter Bowerman

  • Intellectual property attorney Jean Sifleet

  • and others with equally distinguished reputations

Listeners have described some of these discussions as "stupendous," "eye-opening" and "very valuable."

Invest Your Time and Attention for a Bounteous Payoff

How much?  If you live in the U.S., you pay a monthly charge of $39.95 ($37 plus $2.95 shipping and handling).  If you live in another country, your monthly charge is $41.95 ($37 plus $4.95 shipping and handling).  Once you place your order, this rate gets locked in.  We might raise the price for new members, yet your monthly charge remains the same as long as you remain in the program.

Your double guarantee:  At any time, you may cancel your membership with no further obligation, simply by sending us an email.  And what's more, if you ever receive CDs you don't find helpful or relevant, just let us know within 30 days, and we'll refund you for that month's installment of the program.

Sign up now for a monthly educational feast that feeds your marketing understanding and nourishes profitable endeavors!

Join the CD club now! (U.S.-based)

Join the CD club now! (Non-U.S.-based)

There's no risk whatsoever.  You may stop your membership at any time, and if you're not satisfied with the quality or relevance of that month's material, you get back every penny you paid that month.

Your first CDs go out the next business day after you order, and as with a magazine subscription, you can expect subsequent CDs to arrive around the same time every month.  Sign up now so you don't miss a single installment!

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