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Marketing Advice, Support and Answers on Tap

Imagine:  Near-instant solutions to your marketing challenges, in-depth problem-solving sessions on common marketing dilemmas, and a wide-ranging marketing education that clues you in on smart ways to attract customers or clients and increase your profits.

If that sounds exciting to you, you're a perfect candidate for Marketing for More.  Marcia Yudkin, author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity and 10 other books, serves as the resident coach and mentor, with occasional assistance from one of her equally well-known marketing buddies. 

"Where does a solo practitioner turn for fast answers? As a member of Marketing for More, I got Marcia Yudkin's expertise at a moment's notice. And I got the rest of the members' thoughtful and insightful feedback. The community made working solo a team adventure...  Thank you!" - Megan McDonough, business yogini and author, You Are Infinity in a Box

Everyone who's in business has at least one - usually several - little marketing concerns that feel really big because you have no idea how to tackle them.  Questions like:

  • "I'm running myself ragged trying to do it all, but I'm afraid to give up control.  How can I begin to delegate?"

  • "Prospective customers just don't 'get' what a great deal we're offering.  And maybe they don't even understand what we're selling.  Help!"

  • "I thought our prices were high, but someone told us the other day they're too low.  How do we come up with the ideal pricing?"

  • "The local paper recently featured two of my competitors, but when I contacted them, they just told me to buy some advertising.  What am I doing wrong?"

With a membership in Marketing for More, you get quick, reliable and creative answers.  You'll soon know how to solve your problem.  When you feel angry about a business setback, you have a caring group who help you respond constructively.  And any time of the day or night, you have a ready focus group whom you can ask for feedback on your latest inspiration.

"Marcia Yudkin has a very distinctive marketing personality:
highly professional, immensely persuasive with no hype and no
pressure, 100% clear about the value of her product, and 100% clear that any sale is a trade of value for value. Listening to her and reading her every week helps me see that worldview in action, and slowly but surely I'm able to integrate it into my own thinking." - Jean Moroney, President, Thinking Directions, New York City

Indeed, Marketing for More provides you with targeted marketing ideas, coaching and feedback in a multitude of ways:

  • Unlimited use of a members-only, password-protected discussion board to ask questions, solicit feedback, exchange ideas and seek resources to start or grow your business.  This means marketing advice, help and support on demand, with no need to make an appointment.  Learn from the interchanges around others' challenges as well as your own.  Participate as much you like, absorb the wisdom and creativity from the sidelines or come only when you need suggestions fast.

  • Unlimited attendance at Feedback Feasts® - conference calls in which a member receives intensive feedback on a marketing dilemma or goal that may also be very relevant to you.  Three or four of these take place every month.  If you're a Basic member, you can attend as many of these as you want.  If you're an Elite member, you can receive your own Feedback Feast® every four months - three per year - as well as attending others'.  (Below you'll find details of the two levels of membership.)

"Marcia, thank you for your astute and priceless input on my new high-priced service programs during my Feedback Feast.  Each point that you highlighted was so helpful and specific that implementing them should be relatively easy. I was a bit apprehensive about the Feedback Feast, but I really loved the experience." - Lisa Claudia Briggs,

Feedback Feasts® are modeled on the "hot seats" featured at some famous marketing conferences, but without the macho, ego-bruising tone these sometimes have.  Feedback is copious and constructive, aimed at helping the featured person or business (and listeners) to reach their marketing goal. 

"Years ago, listening to hours of hot seat sessions by Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy and others is how I learned to really understand marketing," says Marketing for More mentor Marcia Yudkin.  "That's why I'm excited about creating a rich library of Feedback Feast® sessions.  It's turning into a magnificent educational tool." 

"With Marketing for More, I have access to a superb teacher and a top-notch community of fellow learners and professionals. The teleseminar conference calls are extremely helpful. I've not seen such a generous, insightful group since my early days as an academic. Thanks, Marcia, for creating and guiding this rich resource." - Douglas Leber, Ph.D., Learners Workshop

Each one-hour Feedback Feast®  proceeds in this sequence:  First we define the marketing challenge at hand;  then Marcia provides suggestions and commentary, in dialogue with the "feastee."  Then we invite listeners to ask questions or offer help;  and finally we open the line for listeners with a similar dilemma to discuss their issue.

View "before" and "after" results from a Feedback Feast®

Feedback Feast® topics have so far included:

List building Creating a line of products and services
Trade shows Getting known locally
Business models Time management challenges
Pricing Creating a marketing plan
Repeat business Completing unfinished products
Multiple audiences Autoresponder followup
Affiliate marketing Targeting a niche... and much more!

Next Feedback Feast®:  Social Networking for Introverts on Tuesday, February 10 with guest expert Nancy Marmolejo of  Join today for access to that teleseminar as part of your multifaceted membership!

"I'm loving Marketing for More!  I wasn't expecting such detailed, fast replies to my questions or the warmth and kindness of the other members.  I feel confident that the information I'm given is professional, valuable advice.  In just 2+ months, I already gained the knowledge I thought it would take me an entire year, or longer, to find.  Thank you for providing this wonderful program. " - Kathy Goughenour, President, The Goughenour Group, LLC, Marketing Specialists for the Real Estate Industry
  • Marcia's blog - commentary and observations on marketing, for members only.  Adore her weekly Marketing Minute and wish you had more?  It's an extra dose of Marcia, around once a week, as things crop up that she wants to comment on.

  • The 1997-2003 archives of Marcia's acclaimed Marketing Minute newsletter, available nowhere else.  These are arranged in categories like Publicity, Networking, Pricing, Branding, Speaking, Visuals and more, for easy reference.

  • More than 160 hand-selected, members-only, usefully categorized, best-of-the-best articles on specific aspects of business development, marketing, and strategy.  Constantly added to, this archive serves as a ready-reference guide to creating a publicity plan, implementing search engine optimization, writing a Yellow Pages ad, choosing the best way to distinguish your company and much more.  

  • More than 40% off Marcia's one-on-one consulting services, with the amount of the discount varying according to your membership type.  When you need a sparkling rewrite or confidential advice, instead of $350 an hour, you pay just $200 an hour (Basic) or only $150 an hour (Elite).  For some members, this savings alone justifies the member fee!  And as Marketing for More grows, Marcia may restrict her consulting to members only. 

"Marcia’s suggestions, combined with the member discussions, led me to repackage and refocus my business, create an effective web presence and successfully double my rates.  Everything she recommended, from discussion board participation to writing articles and simple newsletters to additional income streams, was easy to implement and generated new business. No question, the time and money invested in Marketing for More has been well worth it!" - Leslie Guria, LMG Business Development, Avon Lake, OH

As a Basic member, you receive everything described above for $69 a month or $690 a year (two months free).  As an Elite member, which costs $99 a month or $990 a year (two months free), you receive everything described above PLUS:

  • Posting of your photo, bio, telephone number, URL and 50-word profile in the public Elite Member Gallery.  During the previous incarnation of Marketing for More, this alone skyrocketed some members' findability through Google.  Your profile also facilitates networking with other members.

  • Three free Feedback Feasts® a year - one every four months.  Need more than three?  You can purchase additional Feedback Feasts® at the Elite Member price of $150 each. 

"In the last two months of hanging out in Marketing for More, my Marketing Gestalt has gone up by 500 percent.  All the dots are connecting now for me.  Suddenly everything is so blazingly clear." - Dan Balan, Intraqq, Inc., Chicago
  • A free copy of any Feedback Feast® session that takes place while you're a member, available as a downloadable MP3 file or CD sent by mail.  You can place a standing order for every feedback session so you can listen at your convenience, or just order specific ones you expect to be useful to you.  Then listen to them at the gym or in your car and experience new ideas going off like fireworks!

  • Steeply discounted press release distribution - Your release appears on Google News, Yahoo! News, MSN, Topix and many more highly trafficked news sites - guaranteed, for just $99 instead of $199.  Afterwards, you also receive a report containing links to the sites featuring the release.  Elite members, use this benefit as many times as you like to move your site higher in search engines!

"Under Marcia's tutelage, I totally revamped my website, started a newsletter and doubled my subscriber base in a month, gotten a cover story in the local paper, and even held my first teleclass series. It's been a great value, and she is a gifted mentor and coach. I also benefited from the way members help and support each other. One member gave me some advice which enabled me to close four out of four recent coaching sales. And in turn, I had the fun opportunity to help one member name a newsletter and another to name and position a new business." - Dr. Donna Goldstein, Development Associates International
  • A free copy of any new downloadable product released by Marcia while you are a member.  Reports now in the works include "Savvy Searching for the Internet Entrepreneur."

  • 20% off Marcia's other downloadable reports and teleclass CDs. 

OK, let's recap with a chart of member benefits, so that you're clear on the differences between the Basic and Elite memberships.

Member Benefit Basic Members
OR $690/year
Elite Members
OR $990/year
Unlimited answers, support on members-only discussion board Yes Yes
Unlimited attendance at Feedback Feasts® Yes Yes
Recipient of a Feedback Feast®
(Estimated value: $700 each)
No One every four months free
MP3 or CD of any Feedback Feast® taking place while a member (Value: $39.95 each) $20 each Free
Access to Marcia's blog Yes Yes
Marketing Minute archives Yes Yes
Marketing article archive Yes Yes
Discount on Marcia's consulting/ copywriting, normally $350/hour $200 an hour, when needed $150 an hour, when needed
Discounted press release distribution (Value: $199 each) No $99
Free copy of Marcia's new downloadable product No Yes
20% off previously released downloadable reports and teleclass CDs No Yes

Want even more advice and support?  Check out the ultra-exclusive VIP level membership, available to just five people.

Please note that after we reach a certain number of members, the fees will go up.  But as long as you continuously remain a member, you can keep renewing for the same fee you paid upon joining.  So don't put it off.  Sign up today!  

Questions?  Read the Frequently Asked Questions page.

"Marketing for More has provided me with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs intent on building their businesses with well-planned and proven marketing techniques. Having a group with shared interests, including e-commerce, helps me feel supported rather than isolated, and the comments and suggestions from both Marcia and the group are to the point, clearly based on years of experience. It's a great combination of mutual support and knife-sharp advice and guidance." - Jane Sherwin, President, WordDrive Communications

If you want comprehensive advice to grow your business and you agree that the above represents a tremendous value, become a Basic, Elite or VIP Marketing for More member today.  Join now!   


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